Ukraine Plane Crash

MH17 Wreckage Has Been ‘Hacked Into’ With Saws, OSCE Says

Large pieces of the downed Malaysia Airlines jet have been "hacked into" with diesel-powered saws, international monitors at the crash site said Tuesday. The limited access granted to experts and alleged tampering by pro-Russia rebels controlling the region has outraged the leaders of countries including the Netherlands and Australia, who are eager to repatriate the victims' remains. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which has officials at the scene, reported damage that did not appear to be linked to the missile strike. "The rear part of the aircraft, one of the biggest intact pieces, has definitely been hacked into," OSCE spokesman Michael Bociurkiw said.

He added that the cockpit of the Boeing 777 had also been cut into with "a diesel-powered saw," although he said it was possible this had been carried out in a legitimate attempt to reach bodies. Following behind-the-scenes talks between Malaysia's prime minister and a separatist leader, most of the victims' remains were taken in a refrigerated train wagon to the government-controlled Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. The bodies are due to be transported to the Netherlands for identification later Tuesday.

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- Alexander Smith