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In Netherlands, Teams Collect DNA In Search For MH17 Victims

Forensics experts are trying to set up a database of DNA, scars, tattoos and other marks that can aid in identifying those killed in the MH17 crash.

Forensic teams fanned out across the Netherlands on Saturday to collect material that will help positively identify the remains of victims killed in the downing of the Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine. Their aim is to build a database of material including DNA and photographs of distinguishing features like scars and tattoos that can be used to identify bodies and body parts recovered from the crash site.

Malaysia Airlines said 193 of the 298 passengers and crew killed in Thursday's aviation disaster were Dutch.

On Saturday, a couple of dozen members held a small ceremony at Altius' soccer clubhouse to remember a family of four killed in the crash, as the team's flag fluttered at half-staff in the warm afternoon breeze. "We had a moment that we could each share emotions and talk about it,” club chairman Tom Verdam said. "It's a small club, so everyone knows everyone"

The same could almost be said for this nation of 17 million people. "Everybody knows somebody," was the front-page headline of national newspaper NRC Weekend.


— The Associated Press