Senate Reaches Deal on Jobless Benefits Extension

Back in the Ring: Dems Prep for Jobless Aid War

A month after unemployment benefits expired for 1.3 million Americans, Senate Democrats will try to extend them again this week.

Not So Fast: Senate Bickers Over Unemployment Benefits

The Senate’s effort to restore long-term unemployment insurance benefits for 1.3 million Americans sputtered Tuesday amid bitter procedural disagreements.

Jobless Aid Bill Hits Snag Over Price Tag

Unemployment insurance legislation faces one more 60-vote hurdle before it could pass the Senate.

Pressured on Poverty Programs, GOP Divided on Defense

Senate Narrowly Votes to Advance Jobless Aid Bill

The Senate narrowly voted Tuesday to advance a temporary extension of unemployment benefits to over one million jobless Americans, giving some unexpected momentum in the new year to Democrats and the Obama administration.

Obama Pushes GOP on Unemployment Insurance

President Barack Obama lauded the Senate’s advancement of a bill to extend jobless aid on Tuesday as a “very important step” and called on Republicans in both chambers to back the legislation “without obstruction or delay.”

GOP Faces Empathy Gap

After losing the 2012 presidential election, after that 47% comment, and after a majority of voters (according to the exit polls) said that Mitt Romney’s policies favored the rich, Republicans acknowledged that they needed to close the empathy gap with Democrats.