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5 Reasons to Go to Apple University

Getting hired by Apple is just the beginning. Employees then take classes taught by elite university professors, according to the New York Times.
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Sorry, high school seniors. The only way to attend Apple University is to get a job at Apple, where, instead of outdated instructional videos, students are taught by professors from top universities such as Yale, Harvard and Stanford. While the company is tight-lipped about Apple University (the nickname for its internal training program), three unnamed employees opened up to the New York Times about their experiences. Some selling points from the article:

  1. The classes are high-brow - One class involved a former Pixar employee exploring Apple’s design philosophy with 11 lithographs by Pablo Picasso.
  2. The digs are nice - No cramped conference rooms at Apple University! Instead, students are taught in trapezoidal classrooms with raised back seats, all located in the City Center portion of Apple’s campus.
  3. Teachers diss products from competitors - Another class stressed simplicity by comparing the Google TV remote, which had 78 buttons, and the Apple TV remote, which had just three.
  4. Classes make the transition easier - It can be tough, making millions when Apple buys your start-up. Don't worry, there are classes to help you adjust.
  5. The, um, facilities are top-notch - According to one former student, even the toilet paper is “really nice.”
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-- Keith Wagstaff