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By Alyssa Newcomb

Some iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users have reported their new smartphones have had quite the hissy fit — making a noise that sounds like a snake hissing in the grass.

Stephen Hackett, who blogs at 512 Pixels, shared a recording of his iPhone 7 Plus making a hissing sound as he said it was restoring from iCloud.

"After picking the device up from my desk, it was clear the sounds are coming from back of the phone, possibly from the CPU [central processing unit]," he wrote on YouTube. "It seems to get worse if the iPhone is under load, and can be heard while the phone is sitting on a table."

A customer poses with his iPhone 7 at an Apple store during the launch of the new iPhones on Sept. 17, at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.KARIM SAHIB / AFP - Getty Images

Hackett wrote in a blog post that AppleCare decided to replace his phone. Apple declined NBC News' request for comment.

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The hissing sound doesn't seem to be widespread based on reaction on social media, but has prompted plenty of discussion about what could be the cause.

Technology website iMore said the noise is nothing to worry about and pointed out many devices make noises when they're going through heavy processing activity, which uses more power.

It's also been suggested by various tech blogs that the sound could be a "coil whine" which is an electromagnetic effect when the device is working hard. The Verge suggested it could also be due to the iPhone's powerful new A10 processor.

Whatever the reason, Apple hasn't publicly commented. And that didn't stop people on Twitter from coming up with their own takes on "hissgate."