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10 of the world's creepiest gadgets


By Sean Fallon
Nerd Approved

Halloween comes just once a year, but there are manufacturers out there that are creeping us out with technology every single day. Be warned: the following list of contraptions will haunt you. Before you know it, you're wearing a tinfoil hat and giving your toaster the stink eye. 

I think the creators of Facebank were shooting for "cute" but took a wrong turn and ended up in "kill it with fire" territory (it's a slippery slope). This bank features a sensor that detects the presence of your hand, triggering its insatiable hunger for coins. When a coin is inserted into its mouth, Facebank will gobble it up while emitting an unsettling mechanical howl. $49 — Japan Trend Shop

For the last several years Boston Dynamics has been developing a robot for DARPA and the U.S. Marines that's capable of carrying large payloads for great distances across rough terrain. The most advanced version, aptly titled AlphaDog, is capable of carrying 400 pounds of payload for up to 20 miles across all kinds of obstacles. It can also catch its footing when pushed and get up after lying on its side.  AlphaDog is kind of like a fearless, headless horse that never eats or sleeps — it just keeps comin'. You want to run but your legs are paralyzed with terror. There is no escape...even in your dreams. Boston Dynamics 



If you thought exercise was scary before, take a look at these kettlebells with demon faces. If Satan had a workout video, these would be in it. The only problem is that under his system you would work out 24 hours a day in extreme heat but only get fatter and hungrier. $80 to $200 — Demonbells via Nerd Approved

The self high-five machine
There's nothing worse than going up top for a high-five only to be left hanging. Artist Deniz Ozuygur created this machine to eliminate that problem. It will never let you down — although you may have to wait a while for the high-five to actually fully execute. And once it does, you'll probably feel a depressed and a little creeped out. Kind of like if you were to high-five a corpse you took to a football game after you watched the "Weekend at Bernie's" movies back-to-back. Man, I'll never do that again. Deniz Ozuygur via Nerd Approved 


CJ7 speaker
I feel like If I owned the CJ7 speaker (for MP3 players and PCs), I would wake up in the middle of the night and find it standing on my chest watching me sleep. Then I would toss it in the garbage, only to hear my doorbell ring a few days later. And there it would be, standing on my porch ... still staring at me with those cold black eyes. $5.85 — Deal Extreme via Nerd Approved

The Elfoid
When it comes to creeping you out, Android and the iPhone don't hold a candle to the Elfoid concept phone created by Japanese roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro. Features include creepy control buttons under realistic-feeling skin, a creepy camera that captures your emotions, and creepy wriggling motions that make you feel like you are actually holding a tiny humanoid and talking into its belly. The idea is to make your conversations more intimate and personal, though it seems a lot more like talking to someone on the phone while holding a ghostly fetus. Asahi (Japanese) via Nerd Approved


Thumb drive
It's a thumb drive ... literally. I think this one started off trying to be funny, but ended up being just plain creepy — kind of like the guy in the office who uses one of these things. The one who puts weird emphasis on sections of his sentences like "YOU ARE GOING TO DIE ... of laughter when you check out my thumb drive. I put a bunch of music on it though, LET ME BURN YOU a mix-tape". $16-$25 — Brando

CB2 child robot
Child Robot with Biomimetic Body (CB2) is, without a doubt, one the most disturbing machines man has ever created. The project has been going on at Osaka University Japan for several years now, and in that time this giant robot baby has developed the ability to interact with humans and detect facial expressions thanks to a mind-boggling array of sensors, cameras and pneumatics. It's even learned to walk. Check out the video above if you aren't concerned with getting a good night's sleep for the rest of your life. Physorg

Nerd Approved

"The Ex" knife set
Be wary of dating anyone who owns "The Ex" five-piece knife set. If you do, you had better be prepared to commit. Otherwise I would break up via text message and immediately flee the country. $39.99 — Amazon 

IRIS 9000
ThinkGeek has taken inspiration from the infamous HAL 9000 to develop a voice control module that works with the Siri Assistant on the iPhone 4S. Just place your phone in the cradle and use the micro remote to trigger Siri from up to 50 feet away. Then just speak into the air to ask Siri a question like "Open the pod bay doors" to which it will respond with phrases like "I'm afraid I can't do that." Seriously though, it will. It may also try and kill you. Look for the IRIS 9000 to debut in 2012 for $60 — ThinkGeek via Nerd Approved

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