5 Apps for Starving Students

No money, no cooking skills, no problem. Being a student doesn't have to mean surviving on Cool Ranch Doritos alone. Even if you have never made a meal for yourself, here are five apps to make sure you don't starve.

Push For Pizza - The name pretty much says it all. You push a button and a hot pizza comes to your door. Once users enter their payment info and set up their cheese and pepperoni preferences, pizza is just a tap away. (Free, iOS)

Starbucks - Order from class, pay with a shake, and get back to studying (or playing "Call of Duty"). (Free, iOS and Android)


Postmates - This app lets students spend money on delivery from any restaurant — even places that don't offer delivery — and make that money back by signing up to deliver food in their spare time. (Free, iOS and Android)

Paprika - Instead of carrying a cookbook, students can simply save and organize their favorite recipes from the Internet on this app, which automatically generates shopping lists. ($4.99, iOS and Android)

Foursquare - The new Foursquare isn't about "checking in." Instead, it works like a more personalized Yelp, suggesting restaurants and bars based on places you and your friends have liked, plus personalized "tastes" like "hot wings" or "sliders." (Free, iOS and Android)



--- Keith Wagstaff