5 High-Tech Smartphone Cases That Go Beyond Protection

There are an absurd number of smartphone cases out there. Why not pick one that does something more than just protect your screen?

Prynt — It's like Instagram, but in real life! This case turns your smartphone into a Polaroid-style camera that prints photos. Bonus: Those photos turn into augmented reality videos when viewed on the phone's screen. (Pre-Order, Price TBD)

Kicksnap by Incipio — Finally, you can eat nachos and watch YouTube at the same time without getting cheese all over your phone, thanks to this case's built-in kickstand. ($34.99)

Flir One Thermal Camera — Whether you are looking for heat leaks in your insulation or hunting invisible aliens from space, the thermal imaging camera on this case makes it easy to spot where things are warming up. ($349.99)

Amp Speaker
Symphonic Audio Technologies

Amp — Be prepared to blast Lionel Richie's greatest hits at any moment with Amp's built-in speakers. Keep the party going all night long thanks to a battery that promises to boost your phone's battery power by 25 percent. ($79)

Typo2 — Remember the days when phones had physical keyboards? Those days don't have to end thanks to this iPhone case. ($99)

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— Keith Wagstaff