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8 ridiculous misuses of mobile gadgets -- caught on video

Courtesy of Nerd Approved

Next time you go to a coffee shop or restaurant, watch how many people are playing with their smartphones or tablets instead of interacting with the people and the world around them. It's kind of depressing really, our dependence on these mobile gadgets. It just seems wrong. However, there are people out there misusing these devices in ways you never thought possible.

Texting-and-walking into a fountain
We all know about the dangers of texting and driving, but there are risks associated with texting and walking as well. Injury is one of those risks, of course, but the other is YouTube infamy. More on that later. CubicleBot

Updating Facebook while standing on a motorcycle
My guess is that this guy's Facebook update was something like, "Hope I don't die! LOL." CubicleBot 

Destroying an iPad with lasers
What happens when you point three of the world's most powerful consumer lasers at a third-gen iPad? Something equivalent to, but slightly more spectacular than, throwing your wallet into a fire. CubicleBot

Lizard vs. smartphone 
Some would say that lizards and smartphones don't mix, but this bearded dragon has evolved to be quite adept at "Ant Smasher" on an Android phone. Nerd Approved

Licking an iPad on live TV 
Using an iPad app from Shock Top, a popular beer, a local news anchor in San Diego pulled off an epic April Fools joke by getting his co-anchor to huff and then actually lick an iPad on air. Interestingly, the flavor is still more beer-like than Bud Light. CubicleBot

The Mantaray "iTar"
What do you get when you mash up a keytar, iPad, Kaossilator, Kaoss pad, A Flock of Seagulls and a pinch of evil? The answer is this video for the Mantaray iTar. Nerd Approved

iPad Typewriter 
Perhaps the greatest sacrilege of all is taking a device like the iPad and purposefully making it obsolete. That's basically the idea behind the iPad Typewriter. These typewriters were rescued from the junkyard and given a new lease on life by making them compatible with any USB-capable computer, such as a PC, Mac or iPad. You can buy a USB typewriter as a complete unit or a DIY kit.  $74 to $799. USB Typewriter via CubicleBot 

Texting-and-walking fail on Canadian TV 
Remember what I said about the dangers of texting and walking? Let's just hope this isn't the same person that fell into the fountain after fleeing to Canada to escape embarrassment. CubicleBot

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