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$99 HP TouchPad back ... on eBay

HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB
HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GBHP

If Amazon's Kindle Fire hasn't tempted you yet, and no Android tablets have really caught your eye, you may have another chance to snap up a $99 HP TouchPad.

These tablets, which ignited a craze during a fire sale in August when HP sold them for $99, are back beginning on Sunday at 7 p.m. Eastern time. But, as TechCrunch —which apparently obtained a copy of an internal HP employee memo — points out, there are a few catches.

First, you have to go through the Laptops section on HP's eBay store. Then don't expect brand, spanking new devices. These 16GB and 32GB models are refurbished, and they only come with a 90-day warranty, with all sales final. Buyers will be limited to two each. Oh, and unless you're an HP employee, you'll have to wait until Monday morning for your shot at this soon-to-be extinct product.

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