Addicted to Emoji? Try this EmojiWorks Keyboard


Emoji have worked their way onto just about every digital communication platform, but it's not always easy to find the one you want in a hurry. Perhaps it would be best if you had the ones you use most at your fingertips — literally. That's the idea with the EmojiWorks keyboard, which packs up to three of the tiny graphics onto each key for quick access.

You select which one you want by holding down a special key corresponding to the position of the emoji — so a unicorn or sparkle is as easy to type as a dollar sign or capital letter. You can even select the skin tone first if you're posting a face or body part.

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The keyboard otherwise works like a standard Bluetooth one, albeit with the risk of occasionally typing a peace sign instead of a W, or a hot dog instead of an ampersand. The basic EmojiWorks keyboard has one emoji for each key and goes for $80 if you pre-order; the Plus has two per key and costs $90; for $100 you get the Pro, with a rather cramped-looking three on each key. (No word on whether new versions of the keyboards will include 2016's emoji candidates.)

Expected shipping is in December, so if all goes well these gadgets might make good gifts.