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Adobe brings updated Photoshop to phones

Photoshop Touch
Adobe Photoshop Touch on an Android phone.Adobe

Mobile photographers will be happy to learn that Adobe has released a new and improved version of Photoshop to iOS and Android phones — one that shares many features with the well-received tablet app.

The miniaturized Photoshop Touch app offers the usual touch-based tricks, filters, and tools. Like the tablet version, it ends up being a useful app even if it's not nearly at the level of its desktop-based cousin.

You can use layers, select objects with intelligent "scribble" selection, and apply a number of filters and adjustments. But watch those megapixels: Too much image data and you'll only have a couple layers to work with, or you may have a few seconds to wait as the app crunches through the effects.

Perfectionists looking to touch up their photos before sending them off to Instagram or Facebook will enjoy being able to fiddle with curves or add a tasteful lens flare. There are, of course, dozens of other photo-editing apps available, but Photoshop has proven to be a favorite on tablets owing to its robust feature set and compatibility with Adobe's other apps and services.

Unfortunately, upgrading isn't free, even for users with other versions of Photoshop on their phone or tablet. You'll have to pay $4.99, either in the iTunes App Store, Google's Play Store, or Amazon's Appstore for Kindle devices.

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