AIAIAI Modular Headphones Let You Customize Their Look and Sound

It's nice to be able to get a pair of headphones in a color you like, but what if you don't like the cord? Or the reviews say they're uncomfortable? Danish designers have just the pair for you: AIAIAI's TMA-2 Modular, which lets you choose from dozens of parts and make the headphones exactly the way you want them. Check out the options using their configuration tool — you can start with a preset, like all the high-end components or a DJ-style setup, or start from scratch.

Prefer big, soft earcups? Go for it. Need an in-line microphone for calls? No problem. Want a flat frequency response in the speaker units so you can control everything via the equalizer? That's the default, but booming bass is an option too. You can pick any color you like — as long as it's black.

Lots of parts mean you can customize your look and sound easily, or replace broken pieces without buying a new set. AIAIAI

The headphones start at $140 and go up from there, so they're not exactly the budget option, but the ability to replace every piece with one you like better makes the price a lot more palatable. And if you ever feel like upgrading, just order the next part up the line or wait until AIAIAI releases an even better one.

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—Devin Coldewey