Amazon Video Teases New Device That's Rumored To Be a 3-D Smartphone


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Amazon released a video Wednesday showing people amazed at the intuitive, unique operation of... something. Whatever it is, it's carefully kept off-camera the whole time. But we're pretty sure we know what everyone is impressed by.

The viewers constantly move their heads, and look down to where one might hold a phone or tablet — signs pointing to Amazon's rumored smartphone, said to be equipped with a face-tracking 3-D interface. Tech blog BGR managed to get hold of images supposedly of the device a couple months ago.

A picture in the background of Amazon's invite to a June 18 event where the mystery product will be introduced also shows what appears to be the back of a thin, smartphone-like device.


The phone reportedly uses five front-facing cameras to track your movements and adjust the on-screen image accordingly — but what Amazon has done with that capability is unknown. We'll find out in two weeks.