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Asus put Google TV in a cube … err, Qube


While it's not fair to directly compare Google's Nexus Q to Asus' new Google TV powered Qube, it is difficult to not giggle at the strange geometry involved with Google related products. Circles on Google+, a sphere-shaped Nexus Q and now the Qube — which is ... cube-shaped.

The Qube has built-in motion and voice control, meaning that you can wave and yell at it to your heart's delight. And if that isn't satisfying, you can always control the Qube by rotating it — which seems rather fun initially — or by using an Android tablet or smartphone.

There's support for Google Play, YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, and various other apps — Chrome may be a particularly appealing app for some on this device — as well as an included 50GB of cloud storage space.

The Qube is expected to hit shelves this spring and will cost about $150.

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