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Awaken to the Smell of Bacon With This Bizarre iPhone Accessory

<p>There's nothing like the smell of bacon in the morning. But how to get it without cooking? Why, this Oscar Meyer app, of course.</p>
Oscar Meyer

There's nothing quite like the smell of frying bacon in the morning, but how can you get that without actually getting up, heating a pan and throwing a couple pieces on? Why, get the Oscar Meyer Wake Up & Smell the Bacon app and accessory for your iPhone, of course. Yes, this is real.

It works just like you might expect, if you expected something like this at all: Set your alarm time, attach the cartridge, and in the morning you will be roused by a sizzling noise and the unmistakable smell of bacon.

Unfortunately, it'll only be aerosolized bacon particles, and not a hot breakfast platter, that awaits your wakefulness. It'll be a few more years before there's an app for that.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first or the only food-scent accessory for the iPhone. It's made by Scentee, which also created an attachment with several possible smells to emit. And a similar device appeared in December for a similarly aromatic product: popcorn. Pop Secret's PopTopia game and butter-smell dongle clearly has the same object in mind as Oscar Meyer: If people smell it, they'll crave it.

It's like the old trick of movie theaters blowing buttery popcorn smell into the street to draw in customers, except you're doing it to yourself.

You can enter for a chance to receive the bacon device at Oscar Meyer's site, or just enjoy the ridiculous presentation.