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Beach Gadgets: 3 Great Tech Devices to Bring on Vacation

NBC News' Mark Barger and Julianne Pepitone highlight beach-worthy tech devices including a waterproof GoPro camera and a beach mat that repels sand.

If you’re heading to the beach this summer, be sure to pack the swimsuit, sunscreen and these sun-and-sand-worthy gadgets to upgrade your next vacation.

If the summer shark attacks haven't scared you out of the water, the newest GoPro camera can record your adventures at sea.

"The Hero 4 Session is great for outdoor use, great for beach use because you don't need to get an external waterproof case for it -- it's just waterproof on its own," said CNET section editor Dan Ackerman. The $400 model is also smaller and lighter than previous versions.

If you're staying out of the water and on the beach, the new $100 sun-tracking wearable, the June, can remind you when to reapply the sunscreen or when it’s time to hit the shade.

The sun's rays can also make beach reading tough if you're on a smartphone or iPad. "The Kindle uses what they call e ink which is totally different type of display that’s really made for bright sunlight," said Ackerman. The 2015 Paperwhite, which starts at $120, has a sharper screen that won't strain your eyes.

For more details on these beach-worthy devices, watch the video above.