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Best Back-to-School Gadgets for Under $25

Having the coolest tech at school doesn't mean having to spend a fortune.
Logitech Multimedia Speaker Z50

For students, buying a slice of pizza can be a drain on resources, let alone shelling out cash for cutting-edge gadgets. Fear not, young techies. Here are five fun gadgets that won't force you to take another after-school job to pay for them.

Logitech Multimedia Speaker Z50

Logitech Multimedia Speaker Z50 - This portable speaker might be tiny, but it packs a 10-watt punch. Plus, it plugs into pretty much any smartphone, tablet or computer. ($19.99)

JVC HAS160A Flat Headphones - Good over-ear headphones are not cheap. But there are deals on pretty good models, like these foldable headphones from JVC. ($19.95)

Fisheye Lens

Photojojo Smartphone Lenses - Students, it's time to up your Instagram game with these aluminum fisheye, telephoto, macro and wide lenses, which attach to your iPhone or Android phone for funky perspectives. ($20)

Devotec Fuel Micro Charger - Sometimes, you need just a little bit of juice to send a late-night text or use GPS to find directions home. This little emergency charger fits on a keychain and provides enough power for 20 to 30 minutes of talk time. ($24.99)



- Keith Wagstaff