Beyond George Foreman: Gadgets for the Dorm Room Gourmet

Since 1994, college kids have been slapping random meats (and their vegan substitutes) onto their George Foreman grills. But what about budding gourmets who want to take their dorm room cooking skills to the next level?

Anova Precision Cooker
Colin M Day / Anova

Anova Precision Cooker — Not too long ago, only cutting-edge chefs had the equipment to sous-vide their food. Now, even college students can cook this way. It basically consists of sealing food in a plastic bag and setting it in a water bath at a specific temperature, eliminating the risk of overcooking. This model can even be controlled with a smartphone app. ($179)

Philips Airfryer Is it a good idea to give college students a machine that lets them fry just about anything? Maybe not! But at least the Airfryer doesn't make a mess like a traditional deep-fryer, since it uses hot air instead of oil. ($249.99)

T-Fal OptiGrill

T-Fal OptiGrill — For college students who still manage to burn things in their George Foreman grills, there is this beauty, which senses how thick foods are. Set to rare, medium or well-done and it will determine the cooking time, beeping when the food is done. ($179.95)

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-- Keith Wagstaff