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Canon DSLRs leak, including new, smaller EOS-b

The new Canon T5i, left, and EOS-b,

Two new Canon DSLR cameras have been leaked: A minimally-improved version of their compact entry-level DSLR, and a new product that appears to be a smaller version of the same camera. A full announcement is expected soon.

The leaked images and specs came from Digicame-Info, a camera forum where cameras are routinely posted before their official debut.

The T5i, as the larger DSLR would be called here in the US, would replace the T4i, but what specs did leak are identical to its predecessor's. If there are improvements, we may only learn of them in the official press release. There's a new kit lens, in the familiar 18-55mm zoom range, but this one takes advantage of Canon's new STM motor, optimized for video and live view shooting.

Perhaps the more interesting camera for some is what is being called the EOS-b. It appears to be slightly miniaturized version of the T5i — not as small as the mirrorless EOS-M, but still significantly lighter and smaller. Kids and people with smaller hands might find it easier to use, while not giving up any of the advantages of a DSLR.

The full announcement is rumored to go out this weekend, at which point we'll have more information about the latest from Canon.

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