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Canon recalls thousands of T4i DSLRs for allergy risk

T4i grips
Consumer Product Safety Commission / Canon

The popular T4i digital camera is getting a major recall, after a report from a consumer led them to discover that the rubber grip used on the camera can cause a skin rash. Approximately 68,200 cameras have the defect, but only 22,100 of them were actually distributed; the rest were held in inventory.

The culprit is a chemical used in the grip material that caused at least one consumer to develop "a minor rash." Canon employs a similar rubberizing technique on several of its other cameras, but it says that the defect is limited to a single manufacturing run of the T4i grips.

It appears to be an extension of an earlier recall back in July that affected a smaller number of cameras, but as the serial numbers are different this time around, whatever problem they detected then has apparently also been found in more units. Canon says not all of the cameras being recalled are guaranteed to have the problem, but they are pulling all the units that came off the assembly line at that time just to be safe.

If you have a T4i, you can find its serial number on the bottom plate. If the second digit is a 3 or 4 and the sixth digit is a 1, you are advised to contact Canon to have the grips replaced, free of charge naturally. Chances are your local camera shop can help you with this, or you can call Canon's toll-free number if you'd rather handle it yourself: 855-902-3277.

There's more information on the recall and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission at the press release announcing the recall.

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