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In case of snow, alarm app wakes you early


Waking up and realizing your car is covered with snow, or worse, that the roads are paved with ice, can be stressful, and the worst part is, no matter what you do, you're going to be late — maybe very late. If only there were an alarm clock that would automatically wake you up early on such mornings.

Wait! Stop! There's no need to try constructing some sort of bizarre snow-activated Rube Goldberg machine which will set off an alarm early if the world turns into a winter wonderland as you snooze — because there's an app for that.

The app's called Winter Wake-Up and it can be downloaded for free through either the Apple App Store or the Android Market.

According to the app's promotional video, it was created by the folks of digital agency Boondoggle after some employees kept running late on winter mornings.

Using Winter Wake-Up is simple. You just set an alarm for your regular wake-up time and then tell the app how much earlier you'd need to be woken if there was snow or frost during the night. As you snooze, the app will check weather reports in order to ascertain just how many zzzZZZzz's you get to catch.

Oh, and if the snowfall is heavy enough to completely skip work, you can just tell Winter Wake-Up to not bother waking you up at all.

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