Dyson Robot Vacuum Coming Soon? Video Teases Secretive New Product

Watch out, Roomba. Dyson might be nipping at your heels. The British technology company, best known for its line of high-end bagless vacuum cleaners, has released a short video cryptically teasing a disk-shaped, floor-hugging device that certainly could pass for a robotic vacuum cleaner. The 25-second video is titled “Dyson project N223: what new technology is ready for launch?” It flashes the date of Sept. 4, which is presumably when the company will unveil the product. Dyson developed a robotic vacuum cleaner, the DC06, in 2001 but never released it, saying it was too heavy and expensive. Earlier this year, Dyson announced an $8.2 million collaboration with Imperial College London to develop video camera-equipped robots that can “process visual information in real time” and be “used more effectively in our homes.”

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— James Eng