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'Eyes free' Siri coming to 2013 Hondas and Acuras

Siri eyes free

Honda has announced that the new "eyes free" mode for Apple's Siri voice assistant will be built into upcoming Honda and Acura vehicles. Honda's not the first to make such a commitment, but it might be the one putting it into the most cars.

The news came via a press release on Honda's site, in which the company says that the 2013 Accord will come with eyes-free activation button as a dealer-installed option. The 2013 Acura RDX and ILX will also get it.

Eyes-free mode isn't a serious change from ordinary Siri operation, except that instead of fumbling around for the home button on your iPhone to launch Siri, you simply hit a button on your steering wheel.

Other manufacturers have also said they'll integrate eyes-free mode, including Hyundai and GM, although neither has publicly committed to bringing it to a model as popular as the Accord.

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