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Facebook photos go high-resolution 

High resolution photo

Now, more than ever, you'll want to be extra picky about the photos you post on Facebook:  we're not just talking crazy party photos, but those close-up shots of you and yours, no matter how crazy or sweet. That's because Facebook said Thursday it has made some "enhancements" to its photo viewer including high-resolution photos, that on a large display, can be "up to 4 times bigger than before."

That means zits et al will appear in their inglorious truth (although some people already Photoshop anything they put on the social networking site).

Photos now will "automatically" be shown in the "highest resolution possible," Facebook said in an announcement. 

Expanding to full screen

And if you really want to analyze and scrutinize others' photos, you now can also expand a photo "to take up your entire computer screen," if you're using the newest versions of the Firefox or Chrome Web browsers. All you have to is click the arrows at the top-right corner of a photo to expand it to fullscreen. 

Those of you who are interested in photography itself can learn even more about the details on Facebook's Engineering page. And if you want to know more about tools you can use to make your photos look better (other than Photoshop), visit Facebook's Photo Viewer page in the Help Center.

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