This Fitbit-Connected Standing Desk Tells You When to Take a Walk

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How long has it been since you stretched your legs or took a walk around the office? You might not know, but your desk sure would, if it was a Kinetic M1 from Stir. This smart standing desk has a built-in small touchscreen computer that syncs up with Fitbits, letting it both adjust your workspace and tell you when to take a break. There's no need to log in to the desk: The M1 detects the presence of the Fitbit (but no other fitness trackers, unfortunately) and can raise or lower itself depending on your preferred preset. Once you've settled in, you can check your daily step count or calories burned without pulling out your phone.


Get a little too wrapped up in your work, though, and the M1 will give you a gentle reminder to move your body: The desk will move up and inch and then back down, getting your attention — hopefully without causing a typo or missed click. At $2,990 the M1 isn't cheap (not by a long shot), but it's one of the first smart desks out there.



—Devin Coldewey