Five Ways to Put Your Retired iPhone to Work

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With about 10 million new iPhone 6s ordered in the initial days on the market, a whole lot of old iPhones are destined for the scrap heap. Sure, you could sell, donate or recycle your old iPhone, but you probably won’t. And there are better things to do with it. "You're only really limited by your imagination," says Josh Smith, editor of Here are 5 smart -- and cheap -- uses for old iPhones.

CLOCK -- Set your old phone on a dock or a stand and use a clock app. With Standard Time ($3.99), you will have a timepiece unlike any other.

MUSIC FOR YOUR CAR -- Some cars come equipped with docking ports for iPhones.

REMOTE CONTROL -- Televisions, speakers and other devices now have apps that allow users to make their iPhones into sleek remotes.

VOICE RECORDER -- Why buy a digital voice recorder when you have a retired iPhone?

COOKBOOK -- No need to go through recipe books or hunt around for other devices when you have a kitchen iPhone.


--- Reuters