Fresh Idea: Aer Backpack Keeps Gadgets Separate From Gym Clothes

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You paid a thousand bucks for that laptop — do you really want to put it in your bag with your sweaty gym clothes or muddy shoes? The folks at Aer think it's a bad idea too, so they made a fancy new bag called the Duffel Pack designed with your active digital lifestyle in mind. The Duffel Pack has a nice padded compartment for your laptop and spots for your phone or e-reader on the sides, and a roomy main section for everything else. But there's also a special pocket on the bottom that's ventilated and sealed off from the rest — just the right size for your running shoes, gym socks, wet swim trunks, or anything else you'd rather keep separate.


Carry handles on the top and side let it act as a duffel as well — hence the name — and the whole thing is water resistant. Sounds great, right? The catch is that it costs $150, a price that may send potential buyers running to Eddie Bauer or REI instead. If you think it's worth the bills, though, you can pre-order the Duffel Pack at Aer's website — it should ship in March.



—Devin Coldewey