Gadget Gifts for the Wine, Beer, or Coffee Snob in Your Life

Pick a beverage, be it alcoholic or caffeinated, and you probably know somebody who's very, very serious about it — graduating from aficionado to, let's face it, snob (you may even be one yourself — it's okay!). These connoisseurs may not be easy to please if you're making their coffee or cocktail, but they will probably appreciate a high-tech accessory that complements their particular lifestyle.

Acaia / Firebox

Coffee snobs: Acaia smart scale

There are kitchen coffee scales out there for much less, but do they have a companion app that guides you through a perfect pourover cup, gram by gram? And more importantly, do they look this good? You may have missed the Kickstarter campaign, but you can still pick up an Acaia for $129.

Tea snobs: iKettle

This variable-temperature electric kettle, like the Acaia, has an app that lets you select temperatures from bed, have it start heating as soon as you wake up, and will send a notification when the water is ready. $160 is a lot for a kettle, but all it takes is one freezing morning to make it seem worth every penny.


Wine snobs: VinOair wine aerator

No doubt you've heard you should let your wines breathe, reds especially. This little nozzle allows air to mingle with the wine as you pour it, accelerating the process and giving the wine a better nose right out of the bottle. It's not for purists, but it gets the job done, makes a neat noise, and it's cheap: $12 on Amazon.

Cocktail snobs: Bar10der all-in-one tool

Essentially a Swiss Army knife for bartenders, this contraption puts all the tools for measuring, filtering, zesting, and so on in one device — no more scrounging around in the kitchen drawers for that reamer or corkscrew. Normally $30, but the red version is half price right now.

Bar10der / Brauler

Beer snobs: The Bräuler stainless steel growler

Cans? Bottles? Get out of here. Real beer lovers get theirs straight from the tap. And while an old-fashioned growler bottle might be the standard, the brawny, stainless steel Bräuler will keep your beer colder, fizzier, and safer from bear attacks. Be sure to get the neoprene sleeve for extra coolness.

—Devin Coldewey