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Getting arrested? Use this app to alert important people

I'm Getting Arrested

If you ever get arrested, odds are you'll want to inform the important people in your life — your friends, family members and perhaps your lawyer — about the situation. Thanks to a free Android app, you can alert all of those individuals with the touch of a single button — assuming that you manage to reach for your phone, of course.

I'm Getting Arrested

The app is called I'm Getting Arrested and — according to its description — it was "inspired by a real Occupy Wall Street incident" of some sort. (Perhaps someone was desperately attempting to inform his or her dear ones of an arrest or similar?)

You'll use the app  to set up a message about whatever potentially risky situation you're walking into — such as an Occupy Wall Street protest — and list the numbers of the people you want to alert. Once you've done that, you'll have a gigantic bullseye on your mobile device's screen whenever the I'm Getting Arrested app is open. Tap that bullseye and your preset message will be sent out right away.

The app has shortcomings — you have to make sure that you keep the custom message up to date and you have to access your phone while getting arrested — but it still seems like a good tool to have if participating in any activity which may require you to quickly send a message to several individuals at once.

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