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Google Glass gets demonstrated on camera in interview

Sebastian Thrun on Charlie Rose
Sebastian Thrun on Charlie RoseThe Charlie Rose Show

Charlie Rose has just put up a very interesting interview with Sebastian Thrun, the head of Google's top-secret R&D wing, Google X. And Thrun is wearing the famous Google Glass intelligent eyewear throughout -- even taking and sharing a picture while they talk.

The interview ranges from Project Glass to Google's self-driving cars to their online higher education platform Udacity. Thrun is engaging and clearly very interested in his work, and the 19-minute conversation is a great way to get a bit more familiar with these futuristic projects and the ideas behind them.

Of more immediate interest, however, is the actual way in which Thrun operates the glasses he's wearing (about one minute in). He takes a picture with a button on the headset, but then you can see his eyes tilt up as he looks at the personal contacts and picture that appear automatically. Then he actually moves his head from side to side to select one, and nods to confirm.

The hardware is still a little bulky and odd-looking, but it's easy to imagine how useful a sleeker version might be for things like sharing photos, checking into locations, and navigating unfamiliar neighborhoods. For now it's still a geeky fantasy, but the fact that it's working in the real world (and wearable for more than a minute at a time) is a good sign.

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