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Google+ now has birthday reminders, too — and they're less annoying than Facebook's


Many find Facebook's birthday reminders silly. Either they're overlooked entirely or lead to a post attack that clutters up someone's Wall (or Timeline). The folks behind Google+, on the other hand, might've just figured out how to make birthday reminders better (or less annoying, at least).

Irene Chung, one of Google's software engineers, had the honor of introducing the social network's new birthday reminder feature in a Google+ post.

"You’ll see a reminder on when someone in your [Google+] circles has a birthday," she explains. This reminder — an example of which you can see above — is tough to miss since it lives in the same corner as regular Google+ notifications. It will only be visible to people with whom you've chosen to share your birthday, of course. (You can adjust this setting at, writes Chung.)

Unlike Facebook, Google+ doesn't offer a way for people to post something onto your page. This means that there won't be any silly messages from people you haven't spoken to since they wished you a happy birthday last year appearing among your own posts. Instead you might see a a couple of emails or some Google+ posts in which you're tagged.

Now if only you could convince all of your friends to actually use Google+ so that you can properly take advantage of this new feature, you'd be all set.

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