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By Devin Coldewey

The latest camera from GoPro shrinks the company's trademark wide-angle, high-frame-rate video prowess into the smallest package yet. The Hero 4 Session is a cube 1.5 inches a side, with just two buttons and a lens on the front — but it'll shoot 1080p video at 60 frames per second, or 720p at 100, and can be set to fire bursts of photos or capture a timelapse. The Session is naturally waterproof, so no case needed if you're surfing or kayaking. You will need one, however, if you want to attach the camera to a helmet or handlebar.

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You control it all with the big red button on top — tap it to start video or hold it for photo mode. Settings are adjusted via GoPro's smartphone app, except for Wi-Fi, which is turned on and off with the second button. There's also a small display on the Session to remind you of what resolution you're using and how much space remains on whatever Micro SD card you put in. Battery life is a modest 2 hours, but that's comparable to other super-small cameras that record in HD.

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The only thing about the Session that isn't small is the price: $400 puts it up there with GoPro's more feature-packed (albeit much larger) cameras, like the Hero 4 Silver. This is for the discerning action camera lover who needs something extra small — cheaper cameras like the Hero+LCD or even Polaroid's own cubical camera might be a better bet for anyone on a budget.