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Graava Action Camera Edits Your Footage For You

A new camera called the Graava analyzes your footage and finds the most interesting parts - saving you the trouble of editing it.

One of the problems of using an action camera like the GoPro is that after you've recorded half an hour or more of biking, skiing or some other activity, you don't really want to watch that whole video again — just the good parts. A new camera called the Graava may solve that problem: Its creators claim that by monitoring the video and environment closely, it can select only the most interesting and exciting parts of your footage, editing it down based on how long you want the final product to be.

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The camera is equipped with a variety of sensors, all of which it can consult when trying to determine how "exciting" a part of your footage is. The microphone listens for loud noises or speech, the accelerometer watches for stops and starts, the GPS watches for when you're on the move. There's even a heart rate sensor you wear that tracks whether you yourself are keyed up.

If Graava works, it could save you a lot of time, but auto-editing video isn't brand new and no one has nailed it just yet. The camera's specs are also no match for similarly-priced options from GoPro, so if you're looking for stuff like timelapses or slow-motion, you might want to hold off.

The Graava is available to pre-order for $250, though that price will rise to $400 when it comes to retail in February of next year.