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This handheld laser can get you thrown in jail

Nerd Approved

After releasing their Spyder III handheld laser last year, which got them into hot water with LucasFilm over its lightsaber-like appearance, Wicked Lasers is back with an even more over-the-top handheld laser with new S3 Krypton Series.

The 1000mW version of the Krypton laser is currently being reviewed by Guinness World Records because it may be the world’s brightest (and most dangerous) handheld laser, offering a range of 85 miles and producing 86 million lux brightness, making it appear more than 8,000 times brighter than looking at the sun.

According to Wicked Lasers, it's "the first and only handheld laser that's visible from outer space."

The Krypton could easily blind pilots flying in commercial aircraft. It can even mess with satellite sensors. In other words, nothing good can come of it. $300-$1,000 — Wicked Lasers via Nerd Approved

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