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Chill Out: 7 High-Tech Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Put away that old, rusted fan and get ready to chill in the 21st century.

This week was a scorcher in much of the United States as a heat wave hit the East Coast and Deep South ... and it's not even August.

Luckily, we live an age where smart people are constantly inventing new gadgets to keep us cool. Put away that old, rusted fan and get ready to chill in the 21st century.


Tado Smart AC Control — By now, many people know about Nest, the smart thermostat. But what if you don't have central air? Tado lets you make nearly any air conditioner — including window units — smart by plugging it into a WiFi-connected device with a temperature sensor. Once connected, users can set the temperature with their smartphone or pre-cool their homes while they are away. ($199)

Dyson Pure Cool — Dyson's bladeless fans are already pretty impressive. They uses blades hidden in the base to push air through the tubes above, creating the the power of a traditional fan without the noise or danger to your fingers. Now the company has integrated a purifier into its fan, which supposedly removes 99.95 percent of ultrafine particles like allergens, bacteria and pollution from the air. (Price TBD)

iCool Scarf — Dogs get hot, too! This non-toxic, inflatable scarf can be filled with cold water and placed around Fido's neck to keep him cool. He might look ridiculous, but who cares, he's a dog. Your Instagram account will thank you. ($11)

SuperStar BackFloat Waterproof Speaker — One strategy for surviving the summer: never leave the pool. To accomplish this noble goal, it's important to play pop songs (commonly known as "summer jams") constantly as you sit on your inflatable alligator. This Bluetooth speaker is not only water-resistant, it actually floats, making you feel like Taylor Swift is singing in the pool next to you. ($150)


IcyBreeze Cooler — Instead of just keeping soda and beer cold, this cooler actually circulates cold water and then blows out chilled, dry air out of a vent. Does it look kind of silly? Yes. Will it blow cool air on your face? Also yes. Whether it's worth the hefty pricetag is up to you. ($299)

Bodipedic Memory Foam Pillow — Ever rest your head on a cool, soft memory foam pillow only to wake up sweating in the night? A thin layer of cooling gel can help solve that problem. It sure beats getting up to stick your head in the freezer. ($55)


Yeti Colster — Bros of the world, put down those foam koozies. It turns out that metal is much better at keeping beer cold. The Yeti calls itself an "evolution in can-insulating, hand-protecting technology," with stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your Bud Light Lime nice and frosty. ($29.99)