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Hip Kids Will Soon Be Wearing Google Watches

Google announces Android Wear, which will power smart watches from companies like LG and Motorola.
Google Android Wear Watch

Watch out, Apple. It looks like Google is going after the hipster market.

First, there was the revamped Google Glass, now with giant titanium frames that even the most discerning barista/artist/DJ would not mind wearing.

On Tuesday, Google unveiled Android Wear, a new platform for smart watches that will heavily incorporate Google Now voice controls. With the help of companies like Asus, HTC, LG, Samsung and the Fossil Group, watches powered by Android Wear should hit the market “later this year.”

Motorola has already released rendered images of its sexy Moto 360 watch, due out in the summer of 2014.

When those watches drop, look out, because hip kids will be doing all kinds of crazy things with their watches, from hailing taxi-cabs to getting surf reports to dancing to Chromeo in line just because.

Also in the future, young people will get email notifications, real-time fitness information, directions, chats, and more, all by looking at their wrists.

But wait! Aren’t smart watches like Pebble already a thing? Yes, but according to Google, developers will be able to "create wearable experiences for [their] existing Android apps" with the Android Wear Developer Preview.

Notifications for Android apps will also appear on Android wearables without any work from developers — good news for people who are addicted to their Android phones. In the "coming months," Google will also release its Android Wear software development kit (SDK).

All of this means that Android Wear-powered watches should immediately catch up to competitors when it comes to cool apps.

Plus, Android Wear watches will let you interact with other Android devices. For example, you might be able to say, "OK Google" into your watch, and tell it to start streaming a movie to your Chromecast.

The gauntlet has been set. Now it's time to wait for more Apple iWatch rumors.