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How annoying are you on Twitter? A new site will tell you

Rosa Klouchebag

There are plenty of websites — such as Klout — which will rate how great people are on social networks. Finally, there's also one which will explain just how annoying they can be. You should probably check how it rates you, before your friends get there. 

The site's name is a play on Klout and a somewhat ruder term. Let's just call it "K-Bag," and link to it right here.

What the site does, after you enter a Twitter user name, is measure how annoying that person is on that particular social network. It does this by checking for tweets containing profanity, frequent retweets, check-ins from services such as Foursquare, and abuse of the English language. 

A numeric score will be produced based on those criteria, accompanied by a verdict, but the number and sentiment don't necessarily follow. I got an 8 and am "a nice person." My boss got a 14 and is "quite a nice person." Meanwhile, Justin Bieber got a 50 and is, in fact, "a bit of a d-bag."

I realize the whole thing isn't exactly super scientific, but it's still great to have some sort of statistic instead of just whining about how much of an annoying jerk someone is on Twitter. And who knows, you may find out that someone you thought was a jerk is actually "mostly alright." You dodged a bullet there, Kanye.

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