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HTC Mini is a tiny companion phone for your phablet

HTC Mini
HTC mini

Phones with giant screens may be all the rage right now, but really, no one likes talking on them — or having the huge things out on the table all the time. HTC has solved this incredibly new problem in a slightly ridiculous way: They've made a phone for your phone.  

Yes, it's come to this. The HTC Mini is an optional accessory for the 5-inch Butterfly phone, acting as a lighter, more comfortable-to-hold alternative for when you need to actually talk to someone.

There's a full-on number pad and a small screen, like on wireless home phones. It syncs using Near Field Communication (NFC), and can then be used to make calls, display notifications and so on. Sure, you could use a Bluetooth headset, but who wants to wear one while sitting in their office or at a coffee shop?

And there's more! If you can't find your phone, the Mini can tell it to make a noise. If your phone is tethered to your TV, the Mini acts as a remote. And if you want to take a self-shot with the camera, the Mini can act as a remote shutter release!

It's certainly a little strange, but the device itself is a cute little thing, and it may help save battery life — which is critical for high-powered, big-display devices like the HTC Butterfly.

Right now the Mini is coming to China only, with no word on pricing. But if it proves popular we might see it come to these shores as well.

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