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HTC Rhyme: A decent -- but girly -- Android device

Handset maker HTC has just announced its latest offering, the HTC Rhyme. The device sports a 1GHz processor, a 3.7-inch display, 4GB of built-in storage, Android 2.3, and a $199 price tag. All in all, it's a decent sounding smartphone.

So what's the problem?

It's ... pink? Purple? Fuchsia? Plum? Whatever you want to call the Rhyme's color, it's a bit girly — especially if you use the included accessory, a strange LED charm which plugs into the device's headphone jack and glows bright purple to alert you of calls or messages.

And if that's not enough needless accessorizing, HTC is also including a charging dock — which appears to be wrapped in some sort of cloth — that proudly displays the Rhyme on your nightstand when you're not using it.

Those design gripes aside, the Rhyme has some other distinctive qualities, including a fresh user interface. It's the first device to use Sense 3.5 — the very latest version of HTC's popular Android skin. This means that you'll get a redesigned home screen with customizable icons, a redesigned clock widget and more.

That should compensate for the color scheme, right? 'Cause let's face it: Even as someone who adores most shades of pink, I'm struggling to suppress the urge to cringe every time I look at images of this device.

The HTC Rhyme will become available to Verizon users on September 29.

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