Hungry? ‘Push For Pizza’ App Delivers Pies With the Push of a Single Button

So hungry for pizza that you can't do more than lift a single finger to press a button? Five young New Yorkers understand your pain: Their new iPhone app Push for Pizza streamlines the ordering process to a few simple taps.

After users download the free app and register payment information, they can press a button to see a list of all nearby pizzerias that deliver. Users tap their restaurant of choice -- or press a button to “Choose Cheapest” or “Pick a Random Restaurant"-- and from there, they pick from either cheese or pepperoni pies only. Add a tip, and that's it: pizza's on the way. Future orders can be placed with a single tap. Push For Pizza uses e-commerce platform, which powers food-to-door service So for now, Push For Pizza is confined to the pizzerias within's database. But 19-year-old co-founder Cyrus Summerlin told NBC News the team is working to expand the app's reach and “share the cheesy goodness with everyone.” Summerlin added: “Four of us are from Brooklyn. We have high pizza standards.”

Man delivers pizza by Jet Ski 0:21



-- Rebecca Ungarino