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Intel's latest crazy ultrabook ad: Flying kung-fu laptops

House of Flying Laptops

It's no secret that Intel is pushing its new "ultrabook" brand pretty hard. As part of their PR push, they've commissioned a series of over-the-top, cinematic commercials, the latest of which features a pair of ladies battling over an outlet, "Crouching Tiger"-style.

The previous ad had an Old West setting, featuring dueling laptops at a sort of cabaret-plus-saloon.

Now we have an homage to the "wuxia" style of martial arts filmmaking -- the title, "House of Flying Laptops," is a nod to the 2004 film "House of Flying Daggers," and the setting will be familiar to any fan of the genre.

It was reported earlier this month that Intel was throwing millions of dollars into an enormous ad campaign -- in fact, the total is said to be in the hundreds of millions. So it's not surprising that the ads are both well-done and a bit grandiose. Check out the tea-house melee below.

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