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Just in Time for Summer, This Smart Cooler Will Power Your BBQ

Really, a smart cooler? It sounds like a joke, but who couldn't use a charger, waterproof speaker and blender at their next cookout?
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A smart cooler sounds like a joke, but considering most coolers are just plastic-coated styrofoam, there has to be a little room for improvement. The Coolest adds features you never thought you needed, but you might find useful anyway the next time you barbecue. In addition to a sectioned 60-quart interior, the Coolest plays host to a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a battery-powered blender, a charger for your phone, a light on the lid (for those late-night cookouts), and integrated plates, cutlery and more.

That's a big jump over the $20 ones you get at the grocery store, and the price is a big jump, too: the pre-order price on Kickstarter is $185 right now, and it will go for $300 once it's at retail. Is it 10 times better than the budget cooler you bought a few years back? Only one way to find out. Either way, the Kickstarter is a success: It blew past its $50,000 goal almost immediately and is now well past a million.

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— Devin Coldewey, NBC News