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Kindle bug briefly deleted books from Apple iOS devices

Kindle app

A bug in the newest version of Amazon's Kindle app for iOS caused users' books and media to be deleted from their devices Wednesday morning, but the issue was quickly addressed with an update, and it appears nothing was permanently lost.

Shortly after the 3.6.1 version of Kindle hit Apple's App Store, it became clear that a bug was preventing devices from registering with Amazon servers properly, and as a result, entire libraries were deleted. Users went to the "reviews" area of the app to warn others and chastise Amazon:

"Because of your stupid update, I have to download ALL of my books again. Thanks for nothing," wrote one. Said another: "Your update erased everything! Not only do I have to set up anew. Some of the downloads are now saying I have exceeded the amount of times I can download. As a loyal Kindle reader and consumer, I am very disturbed. Nook here I come..."

The app was quickly modified to say that a bug was present and that users should not download it. After a short time it was replaced with a fixed 3.6.2 version, the one currently available.

Users who had their libraries deleted should be able to log back in and re-download their media, Amazon confirmed to NBC News, as well as any notes and other metadata that might have been associated, despite some reports to the contrary.

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