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Kodak Goes Old School at CES With New Super 8 Film Camera

Kodak surprised the world with the announcement of a new Super 8 film camera that it hopes will kick off a revival of the nearly forgotten format.

Ever wanted to shoot a home movie on 8-millimeter film? Yesterday, anyone might have told you that you missed your chance by a few decades — but Kodak surprised the world Tuesday with the announcement of a brand new Super 8 film camera that it hopes will kick off a revival of the nearly forgotten format.

"By launching its first Super 8 camera product in more than 30 years, Kodak is demonstrating its resolve to ensure that film plays an important role in the future of filmmakers — both professionals and amateurs," read the press release announcing the device, which Kodak teased on Instagram over the weekend.

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The concept camera being shown off at CES in Las Vegas this week will combine analog recording with digital convenience: digital recording of audio, an electronic viewfinder and other modern contrivances. But it will only shoot 8mm film — Super 8, to be specific, an improved, proprietary version of 8mm that Kodak first released in 1965.

Kodak confirmed to NBC News that any standard Super 8 cartridge will work with the camera, so keep an eye out for vintage stock.

For those who don't remember: Once you shoot a reel, what happens next? Well, you'll send it off to be processed, after which you can receive digital copies of the resulting movie — or run the finished film through a projector, like old times.

Will this Hail Mary to save a dying format lead to a successful sequel, like that of instant film, or will this high-tech piece of nostalgia end up on the cutting room floor? Much will depend on the price and other variables — which Kodak has yet to announce. We'll know more over the next year as the company's "Super 8 Revival Initiative" proceeds in 2016.