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Kube Cooler Keeps Drinks and Music Flowing at Your Beach Party

The high-tech Kube cooler/speaker combo will keep things going at your party for a long time - if you're willing to shell out.

One year after the high-tech Coolest cooler broke Kickstarter records, another speaker/cooler/charger combo is looking to power your party — though you'll be paying a bit more for this one. The Kube, quietly launched at CES in January but now available to the public, is largely the same idea, but executed with a bit more panache.


The lighted cooler compartment will fit 48 cans or six 2-liter bottles (or champagne bottles, presumably), while the speakers on the sides will blast sound out wirelessly streamed from your phone or iPod. There's a USB port in the back for charging up your devices, and controls on the top for changing tracks and volume. The creators claim the internal battery will last for 20 hours of music.

The fancy design and materials will set you back a cool $1,100, though if you're really into it you can get a hundred off that sum by preordering. If you're worried about the sound or durability (there are no detailed specs on the site right now, like speaker wattage or battery capacity) — it might be worth waiting for a few reviews to hit. Of course, as is often the case with these preorder deals, the price will go up once it hits retail — for the Kube, it'll be "under $1,500" and shipping in early 2016.