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Listing leak shows next version of Android coming 'soon'

Galaxy Nexus
Devin Coldewey /

Someone at the Google Play Store hit the big red button a little early, it seems, updating the listing for the Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ to say it would soon be receiving the next version of Android, 4.1 "Jelly Bean." The listing has since been removed, but several people saw it while it was live and, naturally, got screenshots.

What exactly will be included in the update isn't clear, but these smaller incremental updates usually speed up performance, fix bugs, and include new versions of software, like perhaps the new version of Google Maps. At any rate, it's coming to the GSM version of Google and Samsung's latest Nexus phone — not a surprise, since the Nexus platform is generally the first to receive these updates.

XDA forum member Lil Jones first posted the information; other users subsequently added their own screenshots, and the thread was spotted by Droid-Life. They also point out that it is unlikely to be a typo or hoax, as it occurred within Google's own store and the wording is unmistakable.

When "soon" is wasn't made clear, but the smart money is probably on Google's I/O developers conference, which starts next week on the 27th. The event is also rumored to bring about a new low-cost tablet, perhaps also running Jelly Bean. Whatever the case, it shouldn't be a long wait for Nexus owners.

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