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Lytro's 'focus later' camera gets 3-D view and filters

An example of theLytro
The Lytro camera.Devin Coldewey / NBC News Digital

In our review of the Lytro camera, which lets you take a picture and then change the focus later, we concluded that while it was impressive, it was missing a lot of features that users would want. They added some of those a couple months back, and now they've added a few more, including a very cool perspective-shift mode and some fun filters.

Perspective shift uses all that information in the "light field" captured by the Lytro to let you shift the perspective of a photo very slightly. The amount it is shifted by is very small, but the sense of depth it gives you is amazing. Follow this link to try it out on a live photo, or watch the video below to see it in action:

Also added to the new software is the ability to add filters. Big deal, you might say, we've had filters for years. But these filters are different: they change based on where you choose to focus the image.

One, for example, only allows color to show through on the part of the image you've focused on, another emphasizes the depth effect by blurring out all but the area you've selected.

An example of theLytro

Each photo will have to be reprocessed in order to take advantage of perspective shifting, but converting your library should only take a few minutes, so take a break and use the time to see how others have used the new feature.

While you're at it, test out the other new features: liking others' shots on the Lytro website, making the entire picture in focus with a new tool, and using your iPad to explore Lytro pictures — you can just tilt the iPad to change the perspective, even online.

The updates are rolling out with a free update for the Lytro Desktop software on Dec. 4.

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