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Microsoft gives iPhone users 25GB free storage

Microsoft is certainly working all angles to lure mobile customers via software or hardware: It's now offering iPhone users 25GB free of its cloud-based, SkyDrive to store documents, photos or videos. Earlier this week the company said it would offer a free Windows phone to Android customers who have been victims of malware.

The folks in Redmond just started offering the SkyDrive app for iPhone, and the 25GB carrot is a tempting one. ( is a Microsoft-NBC Universal joint venture.)

Those 25GBs are a bigger offering than Apple's iCloud, which gives users 5GB of storage free., another popular service, also offers 5GB storage for free; Dropbox does 2GB free.

SkyDrive is also, of course, available to Windows Phone users, but Microsoft is getting — at last? — that the majority of smartphone users in the U.S. have iPhones or Android devices (no word yet on SkyDrive for Android).

"We view device access as 'table stakes' for personal cloud storage," wrote Mike Torres, group program manager for SkyDrive Devices and Roaming, on the Inside Windows Live blog.

"People are choosing where to put their files based on how portable and accessible they are across the various devices they use; therefore, it’s critical that we continue to extend the SkyDrive experience to the devices you use every day."

SkyDrive requires iOS 4.0 or later, and also works with the iPod Touch as well as the iPad.

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