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Microsoft Introduces Tweakable Xbox One Elite Controller

Microsoft announced a new, highly customizable Xbox One controller Monday during its press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Microsoft announced a new, highly customizable Xbox One controller on Monday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. The Elite controller builds on the already refined design of the original, but adds a whole layer of tweakability. To begin with, the analog sticks and directional pad can be swapped out with different grips — concave, convex, textured, or whatever accessory makers come up with. There are spots on the bottom for paddles — mostly used by hardcore racing gamers — and every button can be remapped using a companion smartphone app. You can even control the sensitivity level of the triggers on the back and analog sticks.

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The controller will arrive in October for $150 — we'll keep an eye out for pre-order information if you want to have one of the first devices off the line.

It'll come in handy for playing through your old Xbox 360 games again — the company also announced that the Xbox One would begin supporting games from the last generation, with a hundred already lined up for backward compatibility. We'll find out more about that in future updates, but expect that before the end of the year as well.

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